The Kamakiri


The Kamakiri, Japanese for Praying Mantis, get’s its name due to its resemblance to that very insect . 

I offer all my basses, including The Kamakiri in 4, 5 or 6 string versions, fretted or fretless. 

My preference is for a fanned fret layout, with a fan-scale of 33” to 35”, although I can do regular fixed scale as required.  My philosophy is to build what my client requires. 

The Kamakiri is available as either a through or bolt on bass design and can be made with solid body wings or with a separate top and a back.  Again, client choice is what it is all about. 

Electronics and pick-ups are again client selectable, but our stock basses have featured Q-tuner and Nordstrand pick-ups.